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Divorce Decisions

in a Fort Worth divorce

When Children Are Included

If you and your spouse have children, it’s important to keep in mind that the decisions you make during your divorce proceedings will significantly affect their lives after you are legally separated. Primarily, you will need to make arrangements for custody, child support, and visitations.

The best divorce lawyers in Fort Worth know the importance parents place on their children. Ask your attorney about the difference between “conservatorship” and “possession and access.” Discuss whether joint custody or sole conservatorship is preferable in your case.

Important Divorce Issues

Child Support

Child support is very common in cases of divorces with children. The purpose is to provide for the children in a manner consistent with their lifestyle prior to the family separation. When spouses cannot agree on an amount, the court will typically arbitrate the decision.

Visitation Rights

Generally, visitation rights only apply in cases of one parent’s deficiency, such as neglect or abuse. If you are concerned about your children’s safety with your spouse, ask divorce lawyers in Fort Worth about your options for proving your case and protecting your family.

Children First

Taking care of your children is paramount, especially during an emotional upheaval, such as with the separation of your family. Your attorneys can help take care of your legal support so you can take care of your children in the best way moving forward.